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Loaded questions and crappy answers…. December 22, 2009

Don’t you hate when someone asks you a loaded question that you don’t have the answer to? “What is wrong with you?… Who are you reeeeeally?” You mean besides a smart-ass chick with a big booty? I don’t know how to answer that type of interrogation! Those are a couple questions I was asked today. Is that a question that can really be answered in a sentence? Do you really want to continue reading this blog if it seems like it has a serious undertone instead of my usual witty sarcasm about random things? How many questions can I ask in one paragraph? A few weeks ago a friend of mine told me she loves my blogs but she wishes I’d blog about more “real” stuff, too. I actually blog about that stuff all the time, I just don’t post them.  So I’m going to continue writing this blog , share a few things about myself and see how straight forward I can be before I am BORED to death.

I am strong. That is the most common adjective that my closest friends use to describe me. I am nearly crying as I write this. How’s that for strong? I am strong because I have to be but I am not strong all the time. But how far can you really get being weak or insecure? My mentality is that you never know what you can truly count on, so in order to endure the unknown, you need to be strong. Or heal quickly. I don’t heal quickly so it’s easier to just be strong.

I am funny. That is what the average person says about me. I’m even keeled. That’s what my parents, bosses or other “authority” type figures say about me. I’m a bitch. That’s what people usually say they thought about me when they first met me. I am all of the above.

I ADAPT. That’s what I say about myself. If I am in a room full of people I will attempt to find something inside of myself that can connect with each person individually. We all have things in common and I think that is what makes people feel comfortable and accepted by another person…..finding those common grounds. I guess I see it as a challenge to find what makes someone tick. Each and every person has something they can add to your life and vice versa, you just have to make the EFFORT to find it. I think I am the most happy when I can make someone feel special, make them laugh or even just smile. And I will adapt and find something inside of myself that can help me do any of those things. Moving on…..

This seems to make people question “who I really am”. I can’t answer that in a blog. I think my “about me” blurb on my Facebook page sums up a lot of who I am, but who really bares the depths of their soul to a bunch of strangers on Facebook? I assume people really don’t care about the serious stuff…they just want a laugh and a smile. Amirite? But if you’re still reading this crap then maybe you’re interested in more than just a laugh. Maybe you wonder “what’s wrong with me”, too. Jeez, if I had the answer to that then I’d fix it. I’m the strongest, smartest, wittiest, moodiest, pathetic mess of a female you will probably ever encounter……

  • I am motivated by challenge.
  • I hide my tears and I hide my fears.
  • Music clears my head. I have headphones on right now.
  • I procrastinate but I make up great excuses.
  • My favorite holiday is 4th of July because fireworks give me butterflies.
  • I judge my passion for something on whether or not it gives me butterflies.
  • My constant need for a challenge really only leads to disappointment.
  • I am currently debating with myself on whether or not I should actually post this.
  • I am afraid of losing my own identity by being in a relationship.
  • When someone reads my mind, they immediately have a place in my heart.
  • Almost no one seems to know how to read my mind.
  • I’m more sensitive than I would like to be.
  • I’m desensitized to many things that I wish I wasn’t.
  • I am writing this blog on company time.
  • I carry around a lot of regret. And I always carry around a stick of deodorant, too.
  • If you wrong me, I will always forgive you. Eventually.
  • Litterbugs infuriate me.
  • If I was rich I would buy my mom lots of stuff.
  • Also, if I was rich, I would hire a guy to trim my trees because I hate doing that.
  • When I was little I got picked on everyday. That’s how I learned to forgive.
  • I only pick on people who I really like.
  • When I get nervous I fidget.
  • When I get frustrated I grind my teeth.
  • When I sing out loud my eyes water. I hate that.
  • Nothing feels worse to me than rejection.
  • I’m afraid of failing so sometimes I choose not to try.
  • Farts are hilarious. Usually.
  • Instead of talking, I write to get things off my chest.
  • I think I finally know what I want to do with my life but I’m too scared to pursue it.
  • I would take a bullet for my dog. Probably not for your dog, though. Sorry.
  • People that think they’re better than others infuriate me.
  • My favorite thing is when someone hugs me around my neck from behind and I’m not sure who it is until after the hug.
  • Ok actually, my favorite thing is In-N-Out.
  • If something breaks in my house I fix it myself.
  • If something breaks in your house I will recommend a good repair guy for you.
  • Coloring books and Etch-a-Sketch will never get old to me.
  • I love going against tradition.
  • I can’t fall asleep unless I’m hugging a pillow.
  • Sometimes I wish my mom would still discipline me.
  • Sometimes I wish my dad would have disciplined me.
  • If I could wish for a talent, I’d wish to be a musician.
  • Being by the ocean makes me feel at ease.
  • At least once a day I think about my death and I have no fear of it.
  • This blog is boring me to DEATH.

The worst thing about other people telling you that you’re confusing is knowing you’re just as confused. I don’t have answers….I yam what I yam what I yam – words of wisdom from Popeye. If you feel the same way then maybe we’re all a little bit crazy. If you put yourself in someone else’s shoes you may have a better understanding of who they are and take the time to really listen to them. And if you want people to listen to you then you need to make the effort to talk to them. Well, I’m spent. I’m going to go take a two-hour lunch now and waste more company time. Ttyl.


Gift ideas from a discount Ninja…. December 16, 2009

There are not very many things that qualify me as a “typical girl” but one thing that does is that I absolutely LOVE to shop. I hate the way that even sounds coming out of my mouth but it’s true. However, I mostly love to shop online and I pride myself on finding good deals. Also, I refuse to pay full price. I have a bunch of discount sites bookmarked that I check for coupon codes before I check out at any online store. You can find a discount code for nearly every store on the internet and If they aren’t listed on any of my standard sites, I just google it. I’m like a discount ninja…NEVER PAY FULL PRICE! That’s what I tell myself to avoid feeling like a “typical girl”.

Ok, it seems that guys tend to have more of a difficult time shopping for women than the other way around so we discussed some ideas for guys who have no clue. If you have no clue, don’t feel bad because you’re not alone. Here are a few ideas to get you started and point you in the right direction. If you want to shop online then do it on December 17th!! I know it’s short notice, but that’s just a few hours away. This is the date a lot of stores have free shipping online and additional discounts. They’re trying to clear out all of their inventory before Christmas comes and goes so this is the date they really get the ball rolling – I read that somewhere so I assume it’s true. Check out or for clever/unique gift ideas or you can go to and find pretty much ANYTHING you’re looking for. The site will allow you to pick the type of person you’re shopping for and help you out with ideas to fit their personality. If you don’t want to shop online, here are a few clever and inexpensive ideas….
– Grab a good photo of the both of you (make sure it’s a photo SHE things she looks good in) and put it in a nice frame for her.
– If she’s into astrology at all, these Juicy necklaces are super cute and less than $50. Get one for her with her zodiac sign on it. They have them at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and probably the Juicy store, too, but here’s a pic….

– Get her tickets to a show or concert and put them in a “Ticket Stub Diary” and wrap it up. That way she can keep ticket stubs of all the places you’ve been and write little stories and memories inside and when you break up she will light it on fire. I’m kidding….sort of. They have them at Borders Books online, so they probably have them in stores, too. Or just google it and there are tons of online stores that have it. Chicks like memories and stuff.

– Post Secret books. That might sound weird, but it’s one of the coolest gifts I’ve ever received. They are very interesting and a good conversation piece. Available at most book stores.
– Who is her favorite band, sports team or celebrity? Get her a piece of memorabilia from an event/movie that is signed by that person or just has some special meaning. Might be slightly expensive, but she’ll love it and the fact that you were thoughtful and remembered what she’s into.
– If your lady likes jewelry she will probably like a Pandora charm bracelet. If you have kids, each kid can pick out a charm for the bracelet they think mom would like and pick one out for her yourself as well. Chicks love when you’ve put a little thought into their gift. You can also get her charms on future occasions/holidays to add to the bracelet. There is a Pandora store inside the Fashion Show Mall and Caesar’s Forum Shops and they have really cute styles for various tastes, not just for moms!
– Does your lady like wine? Get her a wine rack or wine chiller and put a bottle of her favorite wine in it. Is that cheesy?….I don’t think so. It might be a little expensive but you don’t have to pay a lot for a good bottle of wine.

Ok, there are a few thought starters but most importantly, here’s a helpful tip….PAY ATTENTION. If you’re walking through the mall or even Target, make a note of things she admires or picks up and looks at. Does she say “Those boots are SO cute”. Get them for her, idiot.  And worst case scenario if you MUST get her a gift card, present it in a thoughtful way. If you get her a Best Buy gift card, pair it with a new CD or DVD so you’re not just handing her a gift card. Getting her a gift card for a clothing store? Put it inside a box with a scarf or bracelet from that store.
And last….FILL HER STOCKING! How often does your stocking get filled and you didn’t put anything in hers?! Even if she doesn’t fill yours, put some fun stuff in hers. Candy, lip balm, lotion, bubble bath, Starbucks gift card, gum, holiday socks, Pez dispenser, lube, mini bottles of booze…..ok, I’m getting carried away, but you get the idea.

Now, all of this is merely MY opinion so you may not agree and maybe your chick hates wine and jewelery. If she’s in to video games, get her the new World of Warcraft or DJ Hero or something and she will probably love it. But hopefully you found something useful to get you started. And if you don’t have a lady in your life, feel free to send all the above mentioned gifts to me. I’ll tell you how thoughtful you are but it won’t get you laid. I know, totally sucks.

Happy Holidays!


Mustache fights and late night silliness… November 20, 2009

I’m starting completely over. I got way too deep in thought in my previous attempt at this blog and I annoyed myself. I started rambling about emotional thresholds in terms of extreme happiness and levels of excitement and disappointment. After two paragraphs I stopped to watch Conan for a minute and when I got back on track writing, I realized I sounded like a total douche. Speaking of Conan….. are you a Conan, Leno or Letterman fan? There HAS to be one of the three that stands out in your mind. You didn’t ask, but I’ll tell you that I’m a Conan fan. That guy just makes me laugh, plain and simple. Leno is funny sometimes, but he seems SO scripted and “mapped out” for lack of a better term. There’s no spontaneity to his comedy, interviews or his show in general. Letterman gets me laughing pretty good sometimes but if I’m being honest, my favorite thing about Dave is his gap. I find a front tooth gap very endearing and I give him a little extra credit for it. He does a good interview, though, and he’s not afraid to make fun of his guests or go in an entirely different direction on the spur of the moment. But Conan….he’s just GOOFY! He takes his job seriously but he doesn’t seem to take himself seriously and I dig that. He makes fun of himself all the time and he addresses awkward situations head on instead of trying to change the subject or put on a polished show. He’s got balls and he is really good at sarcasm, which is like a second language to me. And mostly I like his dance where he looks like a puppet on strings. So silly, that guy!

I’ve been sitting here so long that Jimmy Fallon just came on and he’s awesome, but I feel bad for him because he’s like the ugly stepchild of late night television. Kinda funny sometimes….but quirky and cute….but just doesn’t execute his writers jokes very effectively. It’s like he’s reading a tweet out loud. Have you ever read a tweet to someone because you thought it was hilarious and you’re met with a blank stare? I’m a firm believer that tweets are usually only funny when you READ them, not when you speak them. BUT OH MY GOD HE JUST ANNOUNCED THAT TAYLOR LAUTNER IS HIS GUEST TONIGHT!! I’m into Twilight and I read all 4 books but I’m not going CrAzY about the movie coming out tomorrow. Granted, I’m seeing it tomorrow, but if I was forced to wait 2 weeks to see it I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. However….I’ve taken a liking to Taylor Lautner who plays “Jacob” in the Twilight Series. I could care less about “Team Jacob” or “Team Edward” because I’m not that into it. But Taylor Lautner is a tasty little treat but I was recently informed that he’s only 17!! That changes everything and eliminates the possibility of fantasizing about him, but he’s still good eye candy. More so than Robert Pattinson, anyway. I refuse to engage in any debate on my stance with a Twilight fan mostly because I HATE debates, but also because I think arguments like that are so annoying. To each his own, as I always say.

But I’ve got to hand it to Fallon right now because he’s got a feature on called “UMF” – The Ultimate Mustache Fighter! Here’s a little taste of the awesome dialogue for you… “The ring’s not big enough for these brutally bushy beasts, these hairy heathens, these whiskered warriors!…. Defending Champion Wilford Brimley takes on the ferocious fake fuzz of Gene Shalit for Stache’ Bash III. “There’s no love lost between these two mustaches, Barry!!” There are two ginormous mustaches going head to head in the octagon to grind it out. Check out these awesome graphics…..

Jimmy Fallon's UMF FeatureGeraldo Rivera vs. Wilford Brimley

Geraldo Rivera vs. Wilford Brimley














 You get the picture of how AWESOME this is?! I laughed my ass off at these two giant mustaches trying to beat each other up. But if you know me, you know I have a certain fascination for mustaches. Oddly enough, I don’t find them attractive on men but I do enjoy the unique appeal of a glorious mustache, you know? Something about them just makes me giggle, especially if it’s fake or drawn on with a sharpie. Let me show you what I’m talking about…… 

Badass stache

I sported this mustache at a baby shower. Pretty good, eh?! Ok…I’m done talking about fantastic mustaches but let me warn you….if we go out drinking, do not pass out before me. I’ll never be too old to draw a mustache on your face while you sleep. At least I admit it. But it’s time for me to wrap this up because Taylor Lautner just came on Fallon and I’m so very interested to hear what he has to say. And by that I mean I want to just sit here and imagine him naked. I’m kidding folks!! HE’S ONLY 17!!



Endorphins and the puppy burrito…. October 11, 2009

Laughter produces endorphins. That’s a true statement, right? I really don’t feel like looking it up to verify it but I think I heard someone say that once so I’m going to subscribe to the theory. I had a laugh attack the other day while I was at my desk at work. Nothing crazy happened to spark it. No one even said anything funny to me or was laughing with me. I just saw a funny picture that someone posted on my facebook page and I started giggling at it, and as I kept staring at it I began laughing harder and harder to the point there were tears running down my face. I was so delirious from laughing so hard I felt like I needed a nap afterward. What could have been THAT funny? Here it is……

Little tiny puppy burrito.

Little tiny puppy burrito.

So the best part is…IT’S NOT THAT FUNNY!! Most people would think it’s cute. I didn’t really think it was so much cute as I just kept thinking how this poor sleeping puppy has been made into the most delicious meal ever, a burrito, and it looks so tiny in that giant hand and why is there a clear blue sky in the background??? And it’s SO small, like the size of a rat but it’s not a rat, it’s a puppy….a freaking hilarious puppy burrito. When I showed my coworker what I was laughing hysterically about, her only response was “You’re stupid”. She may be right.

When I was growing up I would get laugh attacks in church and that was the worst, mostly because there are a lot of quiet moments in church and you’re supposed to be all “proper”. I started sitting in the back near the door in case I got the giggles I could sneak out for a minute. I nearly got one in a staff meeting at work last week, too. I had to hold my breath and picture my coworkers naked to keep from bursting out in uncontrollable laughter. So awkward. But it FEELS SO GOOOOOOD to laugh uncontrollably. After the puppy burrito incident I found myself smiling all day. I was driving to get some lunch and I caught a glimpse in my rearview mirror of the most rediculous grin on my face. I looked like an idiot, but I felt crazy happy inside. ENDORPHINS.

What makes you feel crazy happy inside? Besides booze, because I know that’s probably what most of you would say. Booze makes me super happy and super chatty, but it’s not that euphoric type of happy I’m talking about. I’m talking about the “happy” that makes your heart race fast or gives you butterflies. For me it’s my nephews, live music, fireworks, uncontrollable laughter and In-n-Out Burger. Okay, that last one was a lie but I do feel moderate levels of euphoria while eating it. Some people get crazy happy from climbing mountains or jumping from planes. Other people get that feeling just from a creative expression or feelings of achievement. Others only find it when it comes from other people in their lives like their kids or their spouse.  I like learning what makes other people smile and I wish I could bottle it and serve it up as I see necessary because, if you ask me, there’s nothing better than making someone else happy. So when the Angels make it to the World Series in a few weeks, you can be sure I’ll be feeling that crazy, euphoric happy that I’m talking about and the endorphins will be flying….*wink*.


I appreciate irony and I love pouring rain… September 22, 2009

There have been a few things that I’ve given a lot of thought to lately. Well, more than a few things considering my wheels are always turning, but a few that keep resurfacing. The first thought that I keep having is that I’m really sad that I won’t be at my own funeral. Don’t laugh, I’m serious. If I had to imagine the most awesome party ever, it would be a room full of ALL of my friends from every corner and stage of my life talking, meeting and reminiscing about fun experiences we’ve shared. Except they’d probably be telling embarrassing stories about me that I made them promise NEVER to tell anyone so that part wouldn’t be so fun, but everything else would be awesome. At “the most awesome party ever” I imagine dancing with all my friends to some old school hip hop with a little Britney mixed in and maybe some Motown. There would be lots of Pirate’s Booty (only the most glorious shot ever), it would be catered by In-n-Out and my dog would be there too. Seriously. But ideally I’d be there, and maybe one day I can make that happen, but most likely it will only be at my funeral that ALL of my friends get to meet. So have fun folks, I’ll be jealous.

Ewwwww, grim huh? So the other thing I’ve been thinking is “be careful what you wish for”. I seem to be witnessing and experiencing a lot of irony lately and I, for one, can truly appreciate a good bit of irony. Ironically, I can’t think of any of the ironic moments that I’ve experienced lately but they will come to me later, I’m sure.

Until I remember the ironies (is that a word?), I’ll move on to the third thing that has been on my brain which is “when it rains, it pours” – an expression that I think makes very little sense but it gets my point across. When it rains it doesn’t ALWAYS pour, right? And ironically, I love it when it pours. <— Oooh, there was some irony. So anyway, it seems like I’m either swamped at work or it’s smooth sailing, never a happy medium. When I’m rediculously busy at work something will almost always come up outside of work that occupies my mind and I can’t seem to focus on work. But ironically I have Office ADD and I alwaysseem to have a hard time focusing at work so maybe that’s not a valid argument. <— more irony. And I invented the diagnosis of “Office ADD”, feel free to use it as you deem necessary. So why can’t God just have an equal rotation pouring on the stress and pressures in our lives? Is it to test our strength or simply make us stronger? Perhaps, but I don’t feel stronger I just feel more sleepy and I sit at my desk sometimes and imagine ways I could crawl under my desk to take a nap unnoticed. I really think I could pull it off, too, if I placed my chair properly and curled up real small, no one would see me. But they’d notice that the things were much quieter around there, that’s for sure. Then sometimes I imagine that my office is really just like the TV show “The Office” and I assign my coworkers to a character on the TV show and when they do something JUST like the person in The Office, I laugh quietly to myself. Actually sometimes I laugh out loud and make fun of them and say “You were just Dwight!” I’m confident that it’s wildly obnoxious and they all think I’m annoying, but I’m ok with that. My coworker, Laura, posted this on my facebook page last week and I think it’s pretty much dead on…


So Laura and I created the concept for “The RADIO Office” and it’s a hit TV show starring a handful of our co-workers and us. Anytime something bizarre or awkward happens at work we jot it down for the next episode. It’s pretty safe to say that I work with the most awesome group of people EVER. If you don’t watch The Office, this is probably confusing you and boring you to death at the same time. If you do watch The Office, stay tuned for our own edition of Parkour! in the Radio Office.

So I’ve completely lost my train of thought so I’ll end this blog here. If I remember any more ironies I’ll let you know but I’ll most likely just get distracted and take a nap under my desk instead. Thanks for listening. PARKOUR!


It only matters if you care… August 12, 2009

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It only matters if you care. That’s one thing I repeat to myself when I get angry, frustrated or even if I just let someones behavior bother me. Typically, I don’t care what other people do unless it directly affects me in some way….but that’s not always as easy as it sounds. A friend of mine told me tonight that she was really irritated with some girl that was making some passive aggressive remarks and sending them in her direction, so to speak. She was saying how she doesn’t even know this girl very well, but for some reason she’s got a problem with her and she gives her attitude. Now, if you’re a guy and you’re reading this you’re probably like…”huh?”. Guys don’t really do shit like that, just lame girls. And by “lame”, I’ll include myself because EVERY GIRL has been lame a few times in her life. It’s in our DNA to let our emotions take control every once in a while and we don’t use the best judgement.  Guys are just lame in different ways. They don’t gossip or make passive aggressive comments, they just call each other dicks and go their separate ways. But like I said, it only matters if you CARE. In order for someone to affect your emotions in ANY way, you have to care about them or what they think on some level. My advice to girls that are the victim of gossip or that caddy, passive-aggressive style of shit talk….don’t CARE. If it doesn’t affect you then their efforts are in vain.

This got me to thinking at what point should you care? There will be people throughout all of our lives that like us, dislike us, don’t give a crap about us and some of them will feel the need to let you know exactly how they feel. Not everyone is ALWAYS going to agree with you and I’m learning that fact more and more every day and I’m OK with that. Except if you don’t agree that In-N-Out is the best burger ever, then we’ve got issues. Or if you don’t agree that “Into The Mystic” is the greatest song ever, we will fight. But feel free to disagree with me about things that don’t matter, like politics, religion, and the theory of evolution. The world would be a very boring place if we were all the same and had the same thoughts and opinions. I’m a firm believer that Grease 2 is far superior to the original Grease and I’m happy to debate with you about it to prove that I’m right, but I’m not going to hate you for not being as smart as me.  I’m much more mature than that. 🙂 

What do you get judged for that drives you nuts? Maybe you make a crap load of money and people treat you different because you’re “rich”. Or maybe they talk shit about you because they’re jealous of your wealth. Maybe you’re exceptionally smart so people give you a hard time because they’re intimidated by you. Maybe it’s as simple as being married. Do your single friends stop inviting you places because you’re married or because you have kids? That’s messed up, huh. Or maybe you’re single and your married friends exclude you because you don’t fit into their “couples” activities or because you don’t have kids. Bummer. We’re all under microscopes for different things and it’s unfortunate.

I try to look at every situation through the other person’s eyes. Imagine how they might have a different perspective than me, even if I’m wrong it will serve me well. You’ve got nothing to lose by opening your mind, even if you don’t happen to gain anything, you don’t LOSE anything. Don’t worry about what other people are doing wrong or what you think is wrong with them, worry about how to make yourself better and you’ll always come out ahead. This had been your Daily Affirmation by Stuart Smalley. Repeat after me…”I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and…..” never mind. I was going to apologize for my motivational, preachy blog, but screw that. I’m always right and if you don’t agree with me you’re probably just stupid. But don’t get mad, it only matters if you care what I think. *wink*


Call me out or feed me strawberries…. July 27, 2009

I have been very short tempered this past week. Actually, that’s not entirely accurate. I am actually VERY patient when it comes to my temper, but I really don’t know how else to explain. Maybe the term “irritable” would be a better descriptor. Let’s roll with that…..I’ve been exceptionally IRRITABLE lately. I have no good excuse, so don’t even ask, however I have been making a pointed attempt at acknowledging my poor attitude and doing my best to keep from letting my mood affect those around me. Hasn’t worked like a charm, but I’ve noticed I’ve made some better choices lately than I typically would when I’m being grumpy or overly-emotional.

Seriously. What the hell am I talking about? After reading that paragraph I would have opted out of the rest of this blog. No one cares about my moods or how I deal with them. Eff that noise, I’ll move on to what I had originally intended on blogging about. Things that make me HAPPY. I’m going to keep this short and sweet and just list a few things that I dig. The whole point that I’ve been trying to make is that focusing on things that make me HAPPY have really helped me lose the bad attitude. So here goes…..

  • Fudge-cicles. I just discovered 90 calorie fudge-cicles at Costco and they’re so tasty delicious.
  • When I come downstairs to see Tayler lying on the couch and she’s in some retarded looking shape completely passed out as if she was drunk = Instant smile.
  • The 6-4-3 double-play….with authority.
  • When my sister calls me but I answer and it’s my nephew who says “Hi Aunt Daena”. 
  • Getting a compliment on the color of my toe nail polish
  • Being surprised or unexpectedly thought of with a simple text or invitation somewhere.
  • Fantasy Football is near….very near
  • Carl’s Jr. Commercials
  • Nailing a drum solo on Guitar Hero
  • Having an apple a day
  • Hilarious tweets
  • Having a friend call me on the phone and TELL me to vent. Now that’s a good friend.
  • Wednesday and Thursday mornings with the guys
  • Hazelnut creamer = Glorious.
  • Moral support
  • Direct TV gets installed this weekend with the NFL Package
  • Being called out on something- Yes, I like that….when it’s valid.
  • Street Sweeper Social Club
  • Being told I make the room smell better
  • Introducing friends to friends
  • Strawberries. Strawberries. Strawberries.
  • Having lunch with a friend and a real conversation
  • Angels Games
  • Wearing Pumas instead of heels on weekends
  • Thunder and lightning
  • And finally….LEARNING. Nothing has made me happier than the new and interesting things I’ve learned, learning from my mistakes and learning how to do new things. That feels good.

There you go. Next time I’m a bitch to you, go ahead and call me out on it and remind me of one of these happy things.