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About Kramer February 28, 2009

I am just a girl who likes to share the random things that go on inside her head. I’m a professed over-thinker and sometimes I overflow. Writing is the best way I know how to express myself and let go of what ever burdens me.  It also allows me to share things that humor me or puzzle my mind so if I can make you smile, make you laugh or make you think then I’m satisfied. Hopefully, at worst, you’ll be entertained. But maybe you’ll find something to relate to.

I’d love to hear your thoughts so leave me a comment or two if you feel like it. Thanks for reading my blog!


7 Responses to “About Kramer”

  1. emily :{D Says:

    hello, I’m Emily. I just got done reading your blog on “adderol”, and the only reason I read it in the first place is because I am infact on adderall. Don’t do it! It’s so good you’ll love it, I know I do. It makes you so so happy and get all your work done. I’m a senior in highschool right now and I’m doing so good thanks to my adderall addiction. Yes, it is an addiction, and no, I am not prescribed to it and I don’t think I have ADD at all. When I am coming down though that’s another story. I feel soooo shitty. Right now it is 2:12am and I have school tomorrow and I never blog. Adderall does weird shit. I cannont sleep. I am so sorry you have to read this. Again I will say, adderall does weird shit. You mentioned facebook? Find me. I’m Emily Collins. yeppp. I think I might sleep? Who knows.

    • justkramer Says:

      Thanks for the advice. After reading your first 4 sentences I was dying to try it!!! Then I read the last part.
      I tried to look you up but I don’t know which one you are. Here’s my link . That should go to my page or just look up Daena Kramer. There’s just one of me. 🙂

      • mike Says:

        I know this is an old blog but trust me adderol is a pill that can mess you up.I didnt see your blog about it so i dont know if you were joking or not i just saw emilys comment and maybe it might help somebody out. My ex is and has been hooked on those for years. when she didnt take them or ran out of them she was a total bitch even when the pill was wearing off too. I tried to help her and it never got anywhere…..she got suicidal and ended up in a pyscho hospital for awhile. that was like 4yrs ago when our daughter was 1 1/2….and to this day she is still hooked and has no relationship with my 5yr old daughter.

  2. Jason Phillippe Says:

    Hi….I remember a girl in 3rd-4th grade I chased around and was kind of a tomboy…Even the first girl I kissed….Trying to figure out if that was you, but then read further and read I died. Still, had me going there for a minute…How many Jason Phillippe’s are out there, anyway? (not many…lol)

    Sorry for the Jason you lost.

  3. kramer chall (honestly) Says:

    Hello about kramer, my name is kramer chall, honest cross my heart and hope to die my real name is kramer i’m just wondering what your real name is and why you call your self about kramer. yours faithfully kramer chall KC Product

    • justkramer Says:

      My name is Daena Kramer and my blog is titled “Kramer’s Blog”. The section of the blog that says a little bit about myself is simply called “about Kramer”. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  4. kramer chall (honestly) Says:

    Hello, its kramer again well a bit about me is i am a popular student at my school and i love food and the worst thing that has ever happend to my life is my aunt that died because of cancer

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