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Loaded questions and crappy answers…. December 22, 2009

Don’t you hate when someone asks you a loaded question that you don’t have the answer to? “What is wrong with you?… Who are you reeeeeally?” You mean besides a smart-ass chick with a big booty? I don’t know how to answer that type of interrogation! Those are a couple questions I was asked today. Is that a question that can really be answered in a sentence? Do you really want to continue reading this blog if it seems like it has a serious undertone instead of my usual witty sarcasm about random things? How many questions can I ask in one paragraph? A few weeks ago a friend of mine told me she loves my blogs but she wishes I’d blog about more “real” stuff, too. I actually blog about that stuff all the time, I just don’t post them.  So I’m going to continue writing this blog , share a few things about myself and see how straight forward I can be before I am BORED to death.

I am strong. That is the most common adjective that my closest friends use to describe me. I am nearly crying as I write this. How’s that for strong? I am strong because I have to be but I am not strong all the time. But how far can you really get being weak or insecure? My mentality is that you never know what you can truly count on, so in order to endure the unknown, you need to be strong. Or heal quickly. I don’t heal quickly so it’s easier to just be strong.

I am funny. That is what the average person says about me. I’m even keeled. That’s what my parents, bosses or other “authority” type figures say about me. I’m a bitch. That’s what people usually say they thought about me when they first met me. I am all of the above.

I ADAPT. That’s what I say about myself. If I am in a room full of people I will attempt to find something inside of myself that can connect with each person individually. We all have things in common and I think that is what makes people feel comfortable and accepted by another person…..finding those common grounds. I guess I see it as a challenge to find what makes someone tick. Each and every person has something they can add to your life and vice versa, you just have to make the EFFORT to find it. I think I am the most happy when I can make someone feel special, make them laugh or even just smile. And I will adapt and find something inside of myself that can help me do any of those things. Moving on…..

This seems to make people question “who I really am”. I can’t answer that in a blog. I think my “about me” blurb on my Facebook page sums up a lot of who I am, but who really bares the depths of their soul to a bunch of strangers on Facebook? I assume people really don’t care about the serious stuff…they just want a laugh and a smile. Amirite? But if you’re still reading this crap then maybe you’re interested in more than just a laugh. Maybe you wonder “what’s wrong with me”, too. Jeez, if I had the answer to that then I’d fix it. I’m the strongest, smartest, wittiest, moodiest, pathetic mess of a female you will probably ever encounter……

  • I am motivated by challenge.
  • I hide my tears and I hide my fears.
  • Music clears my head. I have headphones on right now.
  • I procrastinate but I make up great excuses.
  • My favorite holiday is 4th of July because fireworks give me butterflies.
  • I judge my passion for something on whether or not it gives me butterflies.
  • My constant need for a challenge really only leads to disappointment.
  • I am currently debating with myself on whether or not I should actually post this.
  • I am afraid of losing my own identity by being in a relationship.
  • When someone reads my mind, they immediately have a place in my heart.
  • Almost no one seems to know how to read my mind.
  • I’m more sensitive than I would like to be.
  • I’m desensitized to many things that I wish I wasn’t.
  • I am writing this blog on company time.
  • I carry around a lot of regret. And I always carry around a stick of deodorant, too.
  • If you wrong me, I will always forgive you. Eventually.
  • Litterbugs infuriate me.
  • If I was rich I would buy my mom lots of stuff.
  • Also, if I was rich, I would hire a guy to trim my trees because I hate doing that.
  • When I was little I got picked on everyday. That’s how I learned to forgive.
  • I only pick on people who I really like.
  • When I get nervous I fidget.
  • When I get frustrated I grind my teeth.
  • When I sing out loud my eyes water. I hate that.
  • Nothing feels worse to me than rejection.
  • I’m afraid of failing so sometimes I choose not to try.
  • Farts are hilarious. Usually.
  • Instead of talking, I write to get things off my chest.
  • I think I finally know what I want to do with my life but I’m too scared to pursue it.
  • I would take a bullet for my dog. Probably not for your dog, though. Sorry.
  • People that think they’re better than others infuriate me.
  • My favorite thing is when someone hugs me around my neck from behind and I’m not sure who it is until after the hug.
  • Ok actually, my favorite thing is In-N-Out.
  • If something breaks in my house I fix it myself.
  • If something breaks in your house I will recommend a good repair guy for you.
  • Coloring books and Etch-a-Sketch will never get old to me.
  • I love going against tradition.
  • I can’t fall asleep unless I’m hugging a pillow.
  • Sometimes I wish my mom would still discipline me.
  • Sometimes I wish my dad would have disciplined me.
  • If I could wish for a talent, I’d wish to be a musician.
  • Being by the ocean makes me feel at ease.
  • At least once a day I think about my death and I have no fear of it.
  • This blog is boring me to DEATH.

The worst thing about other people telling you that you’re confusing is knowing you’re just as confused. I don’t have answers….I yam what I yam what I yam – words of wisdom from Popeye. If you feel the same way then maybe we’re all a little bit crazy. If you put yourself in someone else’s shoes you may have a better understanding of who they are and take the time to really listen to them. And if you want people to listen to you then you need to make the effort to talk to them. Well, I’m spent. I’m going to go take a two-hour lunch now and waste more company time. Ttyl.


One Response to “Loaded questions and crappy answers….”

  1. C.S.P. Barnes Says:

    Funny people usually have the most heartache. Humor is the best way to hide and to escape from one’s sadness.

    Crazy people don’t think they are crazy, they think they are normal.

    Who are you really? You will always be the most open private person anyone has ever met and if people stopped to really think about what they know about you… I mean really about you… they would find they don’t know a lot. And really, I’m sure you are secretly glad that for the most part that’s all they know. Cause the more people know, the more they ask those uncomfortable questions.

    Merry Christmas.

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