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GET OUT of facebook and my NASTY tweets…. April 21, 2009

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Things just got interesting. I started writing a blog and I got through about 3 paragraphs. Nothing really that compelling so I probably wasn’t going to publish it anyway. I do that sometimes. I probably have 5 or 6 “drafts” saved that are blogs I started and never finished. So what just got interesting? Not my blog apparently. No, but I DID just find my boss on twitter. Maybe that’s not interesting to you, but for me it was fan-fricking-tastic. I found it so interesting that I ditched my original blog and started writing this one. You see, I’m always interested in a new way to pick on my boss and twitter is the perfect avenue. He doesn’t seem to be very active on it, though, so it may not be as fun as I’m anticipating. First thing I’m planning on doing is making fun of his pretty-pastel-purple starry background he chose for his twitter page. Looks like something a 15 year old girl would pick. Maybe his daughter set up his twitter account, who knows. LOL. Either way, he’s getting some shit for it. Is it wrong to poke fun at your boss? He seems to like joking around and he’s pretty cool. And I don’t think there is a problem with it if he dishes it right back. And he does, trust me. Maybe I think it’s a lot funnier than it really is, but just look at this thing…..

This is the twitter profile of a grown man.

This is the twitter profile of a grown man.

So this seems to be happening a lot lately. I mean, I keep being shocked or maybe just surprised to see who is tweeting or showing up on facebook. A couple weeks ago my mom friend requested me on facebook. You should have seen my jaw drop when I clicked on “friend request” and saw her name pop up. My MOM is NOT supposed to be on facebook, right?! No one’s mom is supposed to be on facebook!!! Well, I’ve come to change my position on that statement, but I was still a little thrown off to say the least. What did I do? Well I just denied her ass. I’m totally kidding, I would never deny my mom. She’s awesome and I’m actually really glad that she’s on facebook. I think it’s a great way for her to socialize and stay in touch with her old friends from all the places she’s lived and worked. But even though I’m happy that she decided to join the game, I still had to evaluate my page before I clicked “approve”. I don’t know why, because I knew there wasn’t anything incriminating, but I still had to do a brief inspection of my posts, the posts from others and my photos. Luckily I didn’t find anything too inappropriate so I went ahead with the approval of my very own mother. I sent her a photo to make herself a profile picture and I left the very first comment on her page. It said “Ma’, what the fuck are you doing on facebook, yo?”. Not really, but that would have been funny. Hmmm, I guess now that I think about it she may be able to read my blogs, too. I didn’t really take THAT into consideration. So if you’re reading this, “hi mom, welcome to facebook. Please don’t tell dad to sign up”.

I’m watching Sports Center as I write this (as usual) and I’ve come to notice a very annoying habit of mine. I make strange noises when I’m watching highlights. I don’t even think about it when I’m doing it or REALIZE that I’m doing it, but if I was sitting on the couch with me, I’d be annoyed and I would tell me to shut the hell up. For example, when I saw this….

I kept going “Ohhhh” or sometimes I just blurt out “Nasty”. Other times it’s “Ughhh”. If you watched all of the plays of the week you’ll see #9 prompted me to say “Shut up!”, #1 made me blurt out “Get out-get out….ohhhhhhhh!”. Poor Prince Fielder. The only reason I realize I’m even saying these things out loud is because my dog, Tayler, is always sleeping on the couch next to me and after I blurt out something unexpectedly loud she perks her head up and stares at me sideways as if to say “what the hell did you just say?”  Do you ever talk to your self or talk to the TV? I don’t talk to sitcoms or even movies. I only talk to sports. NFL is the worst catalyst of my non-sensical commentating and TV shouting (did I just invent the word non-sensical or is it actually a word?).  It’s so unladylike and probably very annoying to who ever I’m watching the game with. I bet Tayler rolls her eyes at me all the time and I don’t even know it. I actually think about that a lot….what do I do that makes people roll their eyes? I’m positive there is something, or actually MANY things, but who’s really going to tell you that you’re annoying? Exactly. So whenever I roll my eyes at someone or find myself irritated at one of their habits, I check myself to see if I ever do those things. I give myself regular “annoyance check-ups” but it’s a pretty safe bet that I miss quite a few things.  For example, today I was on the phone with a client and I caught myself saying “Sounds good” like 5 times. It’s my crutch and it’s also my way to try and end the conversation. So I said it the first two times I was ready to hang up, then I said it again in another context. Finally, I said it as the person on the other end of the phone said they had to go. What a douchebag I am. On a side note, when I logged on to to find this video I saw a video feature called “ESPNDB” and I was so excited because I thought it was some spoof segment about Douchebag moments in sports. Well, I was wrong. DB actually stands for “draft board” or maybe it’s “draft book”. I still don’t know, but it’s not douchebag. Bummer.

So I guess I should consider cleaning up my tweets and keeping an eye on the stuff that I randomly blurt out of my mouth. Since my boss is on twitter, maybe I should clean up my language and make sure I don’t talk shit about my job. It might send the wrong message to my tweeting boss. But then again, I am what I am. Should I really filter myself? I never talk shit about my job anyway because I love my job, but I’ve been known to swear for no good reason at all. For now, I’ll just do what I do and hope I am not judged by the cleanliness of my tweets. I should probably clean up this blog, too. My twitter name is also “justkramer” so it’s possible that my boss could read this blog, too. That’s a risk I’m willing to take. But if the day comes when I get that email notification that says “your mom is now following you on twitter”, then sorry folks,  I’M OUT THIS BITCH!!!!

See, totally unnecessary, obnoxious swearing……it’s a sickness by which I hope you don’t judge me.


6 Responses to “GET OUT of facebook and my NASTY tweets….”

  1. Davis Says:

    Thanks for the perspective on the parents. I’m currently weighing whether to tell my recently on-line father about my blog.

    • justkramer Says:

      You don’t necessarily have to tell him. If he comes across it then so be it. Unless there are posts that you WANT him to read.
      Thank you for reading my post.

  2. Jenny Says:

    I’m very lucky that my boss hates all things Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter because I often updating throughout the day, yes the work hours too. While I’m waiting for a program to load on my desk top I whip out the phone and check my Facebook and update my status or comment on a picture or something so I’m always active.

    My biggest concern is one of my co-workers. She’s a bitch. I hate her. I wish she would leave our company. She’s a sales rep and always on the road but she makes my life hell, she’s a demanding little thing and her laugh would make dogs howl. Ir’s horrible. I wrote a blog about her. I hate her. So to protect myself I have blocked her from ever seeing my status updates, my blog, and basically anything important. She can only see my pictures really and things people post on my wall.

    Bottom line is when you have co workers or management on the same social networking sites as you, you have to be very careful of what you post. You might post something out of anger that can get you in trouble and possibly fired (I’ve heard many many stories of people getting fired for Facebook related things!)

    • justkramer Says:

      Ironically, I know I have a few coworkers that read my blog from time to time. I don’t mind it, I actually am flattered that they read what I have to say. If I didn’t like my job or blogged about people I don’t like then it would be an issue, but it’s not. I guess I’m lucky that I work at a cool place. Plus, with me, what you see is what you get. If you feel the need to “vent” in your blog or mention coworkers/family, create an anonymous blog and let it all out. 🙂 I’m not capable of being anonymous, I need feedback. So thanks for your feedback. LOL.

  3. Soupy Says:

    My inlaws are on Facebook. I have no problem with it because they live in AZ, and I’m in PA and we have 8 month old twins, so they never have to call and ask for pictures. Plus they’re really cool, and I’ve been totally shitfaced and inappropriate around them and they think I’m funny.

    On the other hand I accepted my aunt’s friend request on FB, and she commented me back thanking me, and then she said that she checked out my TeeShirtSoup site, and she doesn’t think she should be reading that. I agree.

  4. Claire Says:

    I guess Facebook does have it’s advantages.

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