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I’m watching SportsCenter and my lips hurt real bad!! April 9, 2009

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I just Googled Adderol. First thing I found out about Adderol is that I don’t know how to spell it. It’s Adderall, just like it sounds. Maybe I should take it – it might make me spell better. Probably not. Anyway, my buddy Soupy, commented on my previous blog and asked if I took Adderol, so in my defense I was just copying his spelling.  Soupy’s not actually my buddy because we’ve never met, but we’re blog buddies. You should read his clever and witty blog – Okay, as I was saying, I Googled Adderall because I had no idea what it was. Come to find out, it’s for attention deficit disorder. I’m not sure what that is but if it’s anything like A.D.D, I should be taking it.  I kid, I kid. I’ve been saying for the past 2 years that I have adult A.D.D. Can I leave the periods out from now on? ADD is much easier. I think I have ADD because I can’t seem to focus on one thing for more than a few minutes. That’s the basis, right? I haven’t always been this way, I used to be able to focus extremely well. I once sat at my desk for 18 hours straight to complete my first drafting project in design school. I had to draw the plans for a single story home with all of the details, down to the millimeter. I didn’t even find it difficult to focus for that long. If I sit down to color in a coloring book these days, I have to stop after making the sky blue so I can change the channel, check my facebook and grab a snack – then I can move on to coloring the grass green. And, yes, I do really color. I fricken love coloring. See, look……                                                                                                          

From my "Gangster Rap Colouring Book"

From my "Gangster Rap Colouring Book"

This is NOT my "Gangser Rap Colouring Book"

This is NOT my "Gangser Rap Colouring Book"


Next time I’m either going to go with NWA or Ice Cube. I haven’t decided yet. Regardless, I probably won’t make it through the project with out stopping to make a Hot Pocket or text one of my friends.

I’ve learned a few ways to keep my focus a little better. I discovered that if I listen to music on my headphones while I’m at work I get a lot more work done. i have this fear that I’m going to start singing along to whatever I’m listening to and not realize it, then I’ll turn around and see everyone standing around laughing at me because I couldn’t hear them with my headphones on. Hasn’t happened….yet. I’m just always to tempted to chat with people, socialize or screw around at work. Headphones seem to do the trick. I get bored easily. I’m one of those people who constantly needs to move furniture around, paint the walls a different color and remove or replace things. I’ve recently become addicted to deleting things. I’m on twitter and everyday I go through my posts and delete the unnecessary ones. If I reply to someone, I’ll delete my reply once I know they’ve read it. Or if I reply with a question to someone who doesn’t reply to me, I delete my question. I just hate leaving things “floating around”. I feel like people can keep tabs on me that way. I delete facebook posts all the time, too. I can’t help myself. However, if something makes me laugh or is meaningful, I’ll never delete it. In fact, I’ll save it in some way if I can. Jeez, saying that really makes me sound nuts. I guess you were bound to find out the truth eventually.
I’ve been having strange dreams lately. I don’t know if it’s related to my self diagnosis of ADD, but there is definitely something wacky going on in my brain while I sleep. Now that I think about it, the dreams were only happening last week, but they happened EVERY night last week. They were very different every night but all very vivid and tied to very strong emotions, which were also different every night. I woke up exhausted every morning and by the end of the week, I was just over it. Luckily it seemed to be temporary, but I did have a nightmare last night. I dreamt I was given a new job and they threw me into it with no training or instructions. I was forced to try to figure things out on my own and I just crashed and burned. The dream was like a broken record, I kept trying the same thing over and over and I kept failing. It made me furious. By the end of the dream I had figured out exactly how to do this job, but my body wouldn’t physically let me execute it. Pure torture. I woke up tense and irritable. At least I didn’t wake up with wet sheets. That would have been really embarassing. One time when I was 21 I woke up completely naked from head to toe and I was lying in a waterbed totally uncovered in the shape of a dead body. What shape is a dead body? You can visualize what I mean, can’t you. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but I was at a party the night before at my boyfriends house and I got pretty drunk drinking Seagram’s 7 – don’t ask me why. I passed out in his room at some point and a bunch of other people passed out around the house, too. When I woke up butt naked, I looked up and both bedroom doors were wide open. One door lead to the only bathroom in the house and the other lead directly into the kitchen. Needless to say, it’s a pretty safe assumption that all of the people who stayed over that night got to see me in my birthday suit in all my glory. Fantastic. I haven’t drank Seagram’s 7 since that night and I never will.
I really don’t know why this blog turned into story time, but I hope I’ve effectively put you to bed. I just hope I don’t give you crazy dreams that cause you anxiety and emotional stress. You would never forgive me, trust me. Maybe I’ll go color another picture now, but I should probably delete my facebook posts, first. Wait, first I have to get some chap stick. My lips hurt real bad. But not until Sports Center is over. I’ve been watching it this whole time because I’m bored with my own blog. It’s probably just my ADD, my lips aren’t even chapped but they might be soon. But I will take some of that Adderol if you’ve got some, Soupy, just as long as you promise it won’t make me have any strange, lucid dreams. I prefer to maintain my normal routine of naughty, inappropriate and insanely erotic dreams.
Did I ask if you have any chapstick?

5 Responses to “I’m watching SportsCenter and my lips hurt real bad!!”

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  2. Soupy Says:

    In my defense I spelled it wrong because my prescription plan gives me the generic form, so the label just says Amphetemine Salts, which to me seems odd, because I wouldn’t think a person with ADD like myself and now you should take amphetemines, but it does seem to work. I also learned that another symptom of ADD (I like your idea of losing the periods) is hyper-focus on thing that really interest you, so maybe that would explain being able to sit at a desk for 18 hours in design school..

    PS Thanks for the plug for my blog, and I am touched that you think of me as not so much your buddy, but your blog buddy. LOL< I enjoy reading your posts. I follow alot of blogs on Networked Blogs because I am contractually obligated to so they’ll follow mine, but I actually only ling to very few on my actual blog page. Just the good ones. Keep up the fun posts, you have a great voice.

  3. 'Tis AJ Says:


  4. Soupy Says:

    Yea, it’s me again. I just wanted to warn you that if you have chapped lips, you probably don’t want to start taking adderol or adderall, because it is speed, and it will cause you to lick your lips… alot at first especially if you are not used to speed. Luckily I’d had quite a bit of meth experience before I tried the ADD drugs.

    PS in my last comment, I wrote “ling” and I meant “link”

  5. justkramer Says:

    Is it really like speed??? I don’t currently have a lip licking problem, but I bite my bottom lip a lot. Sometimes when I’m nervous or deep in thought. Hmmm. Just sparked a new blog topic. My bad habits. Stay tuned. 🙂

    ps. I figured you meant “Link”.

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