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I get convenient gas and cheap toilet paper… April 1, 2009

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I spent five minutes picking out toilet paper today. I’m serious. I stood there and compared the prices per square foot and I also factored in the quality and number of plys. When I finally picked out an affordable 18 pack of Cottonelle Ultra, I walked away feeling like a complete douchebag realizing how much time I wasted to save 97 cents. You see, I usually just buy the bulk pack at Costco with out even thinking about the price because Costco is always the best deal, right? The 36 pack at Costco gets me through about a year. Well, me and my roommate share, so she uses it too. I know that we had to have bought a jumbo pack at Costco about 4 or 5 months ago so I really don’t know how we went through it so fast. I could get really gross and blame it on Christy and say she does some serious damage in the bathroom these days, but it’s not true….as far as I know. I think I’ll blame it on her boyfriend. Boys are dirty and do more damage in the john so it’s most likely his fault. Thanks, Vinnie – you owe us a shit load of toilet paper. Man, that was really a great pun, wasn’t it?

I’ve been to the market 4 times this week. I usually only make it to the market once a month – maybe twice. I hate spending money on food because I always feel like what ever I buy is just going to go bad. I shop for just myself so any perishables are going to rot if I buy more than 2 servings worth. Last month I bought a big bag of baby carrots to snack on. The bag is still in the produce drawer in my fridge all sealed up. Which reminds me, I should probably throw it out.  I hate wasting money and food for that matter. I went to this one market on Sunday at 4pm and it was jam packed with good looking people doing their grocery shopping. I was wide eyed walking toward the Bakery Counter seeing hot guy after hot guy pushing their carts through the produce department. It’s not my regular market, but it might be from now on. For those of you that live in Vegas, it’s the Albertson’s on Charleston and Town Center. It’s a total meat market…no pun intended this time. That used to be my regular store before I moved and man, it’s really come a long way! I went to my regular grocery store today at 4pm and it was packed, but I was the only person under 50 years old. How bored are you with this blog already? Yeah, me too.

So I guess my point of starting this blog was to share how excited I get when I save money or get a good deal but my toilet paper story wasn’t the best example. Have you tried RedBox? It’s effing awesome and they are popping up EVERYWHERE! It’s a DVD Rental machine that only costs a buck. I picked up Twilight at Target the other day and it was $17.99 on sale. I took it out of my cart when I got to the cashier and told her I didn’t need it. I’m only going to watch it once or twice and I don’t need to spend almost $20 to watch a movie I already saw in the theater. So I rented it on RedBox on my way out the market today. And you know what else??? I had a coupon for a FREE RedBox rental! It’s been in my purse for almost a year. A friend of mine who only buys movies had a bunch of free rental cards so she was nice enough to give them to me. This was my last one left of the 5 she gave me. So, while I only saved 5 bucks over the past year with these coupons I felt REALLY good about it. I bet my friend had no idea that she gave me a year’s worth of random smiles from those coupons. Actually…I bet she did.

My sister buys me stamps every Christmas becasue she knows I hate spending money on them. The roll lasts me all year. It’s so awesome. I use my Crown Club Card every time I go to the movies and every once in a while I’ll get a coupon for free popcorn or soda. Jackpot!  My buddy at work gave me a few “Buy one get one free” smoothie cards for Tropical Smoothie Cafe the other day. I don’t really ever buy 2 smoothies for myself, but I’m looking forward to treating a friend one of these days.  And did you know that EVERY footlong at Subway is only $5 now? I’d dreamt of that happening ever since they introduced the $5 footlong and now my dreams have come true. The only problem is that I’m full after a 6″, sometimes less. So the bummer is that I usually waste half of a sandwich, but I always have the intention of polishing off all 12 inches of that amazing deal. I just feel good walking out of there with enough food to last me all day for only five bucks. On the flip side, I’ve stopped going out of my way to get gas at the station that is 5 cents cheaper. I’ve let go of worrying about it. As long as I don’t have to drive out of my way or wait in a line of cars to get gas, I’ll pay what ever the price is, as long as it’s not TOO steap. The convenience is worth the extra 68 cents I might have to spend to fill up. It reminds me of when I was a kid and we’d make a special trip to go shop at the outlet malls that were 2 hours away. After buying gas, lunch or snacks on the way there and the way home and the fact that the outlet prices really weren’t THAT good, we probably spent $50 waste 6 hours of our Saturday two hours away from home. I guess the best part of a “deal” is how it makes you feel, not how much money you save. And I’m all about feelin’ good lately.

So if you know of any good deals, leave a comment and let me know. Even if they’re small, I don’t care, I just love knowing about different opportunities. God forbid anyone of us pays full price these days. I think we’re all into getting good deals lately, so lets share our secrets and feel good together. 🙂

4-9-09 Update:  I kept Twilight for over a week and paid $8 in late fees. I never took it out of the DVD player after the first time I watched it so I forgot I even had it. Made sure I watched it a second time before I returned it so as to cut my losses in half. I’m still pissed, though. So much for my FREE rental. LOL.


12 Responses to “I get convenient gas and cheap toilet paper…”

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  2. Sarah Says:

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


    • justkramer Says:

      Thank you so much, Sarah. I’m flattered that you follow them. And I LOVE comments or feedback so don’t be shy! =)
      ~ Daena

  3. Jenny Says:

    I don’t know why but this blog posting really made me smile! 🙂 I know what you mean with the entire “Treating someone”. I have a friend who owns a coffee shop that I go to all of the time and hes really great. He occassionally throws in a free breakfast sandwhich with my coffee or whatever and he gives me BOGO coupons around the holidays. I can’t use them in his store because, well, he’s a friend of mine but I’ll sometimes grab a friend, a co-worker, or my sister and go use those coupons at another location.

  4. Karen Wong Says:

    I love this blog as I can totally relate! I too, compare toilet tissue and anything else for that matter. I want to make sure I get the value for my money…. I love shopping at Fresh & Easy especially when they have their “red” labeled clearance item. I stock up and freeze the meats!! I use their $5 coupon religiously! I love crafting, so I use Joann and Michael 40% whenever I can…I even have my Dad save me the coupons so I have more! Married with two kids, I am forced to be frugal (I’m not cheap) just want to get the best value for my hard earn duckets, especially during these hard times! I don’t like using stamps unless I absolutely have to! Sending xmas cards can add up to some serious dough at 42 cents a pop, so why not send it electonically! Unleash the digital world ~ Pay attention to sales and coupons! Get on the email list for discount coupons, they’re out there, google it! Good to and sign-up (use me as a referral)…you get a check back just for shopping! I got a check for almost $50 just for shopping on-line at stores that I normally would go anyways….

    • justkramer Says:

      You know, I haven’t tried Fresh & Easy but I’ve heard GREAT things. I get those $5 coupons, too, so I should really start using them…..or giving them to you.

  5. Soupy Says:

    Like everyone else, I love your blog. Now to my point, wait first I want to say that I noticed that paper products (toilet paper/paper towels) are not necessarily always cheaper at Costco. I got fooled once there, now I check down to the last penny/square.

    My DEAL: Omaha steaks. They had some deal last year for 39.99 that I still have meat left over from, you just have to have extra freezer room. I think we got packages of sirloins, chicken, pork chops, burgers, hot dogs, tenderloin tips, stuffed flounder, stuffed potatoes and probably more. Plus it comes in a styrofoam cooler, so now you got a cooler too. Check their website for specials.

    Neither I, nor receive pay-ola from Omaha Steaks, I just like the deal.

  6. matt Says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  7. Allersegabs Says:

    Great site this and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

  8. Charla Says:

    a. I am up to 85 cents off a gallon for shopping at Albertsons. Yes, I have to drive to the gas station on Flam/Durango – but for 85 ccents off, I may drive to Primm
    b. shopping for toilet paper doesn’t have to take that long, just look on the price tag on the shelf for price/sheet
    c. hey brainiac, EVERY Monday night Redbox will text you a FREE movie code, Cory and I just got 2 movies tonight free because we each had a code text to us
    d. you can borrow my twilight anytime, I would have paid more for that movie, don’t tell Target
    e. I have buttloads of buy one get ones for Tropical Smoothie, you can have some. We could have lunch and each get a smoothie and sandwich
    f. I feel really guilty that as your older sister there is so much I have yet to teach you – I feel that I am queen of bargains, it gives me a RUSH to get something for free, or at a really good deal.
    g. OH YEAH, here is another… ALWAYS check the date on things you buy, 50% of the time when its on sale, its expiring soon. I pay the full price for milk that will last 2 weeks longer, get it?
    h. I am done responding to your blog, so if I have more to say, I will email you!

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