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Teriyaki blows and random acts of kindness… February 24, 2009

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I love my 3 hole punch and I love the copy stamp. I don’t know why. I think using them makes me feel organized. I wonder why sometimes the faucet in the break room makes milky water. I wonder why people leave the coffee pot empty when they take the last of it at 8:30am. One time I started the coffee before the pot was there. Oops. Coffee started pouring everywhere and it burned me when I tried to clean it up. And I always find it interesting to see what stuff is left on the table in the break room for the staff to take for themselves. Sometimes it’s food, sometimes it’s pens or t-shirts and sometimes it’s good stuff, like mini-champagne bottles or really good candy. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I wonder how valuable it has to be for it to be exempt from the break room table and actually make it home with the original recipient. Either way, it’s nice of people to share. I took a roast beef sandwich off the break room table last week. It was good.

I save post-it notes that people leave on my desk or anywhere for me as long as it says something nice or funny.  I save most anything that makes me smile. I save emails that I send or recieve that say anything meaningful. I have hundreds of them in a folder. Last night I re-read about 15 of them. I save nice or funny voicemails, too. I made some of my favorites into Mp3’s so I can listen to them for the rest of my life and always have that memory. Sometimes when I leave a voicemail I re-record it 2 or 3 times if I have the option. I do the same thing with emails. I write them and then re-read and edit them a couple times before I send them. I censor myself all the time but I hate when people censor me. Sometimes I write long emails to people telling them what I think and I never send them. It feels good. Then the next day I read them again and I’m really glad I didn’t send them. I’m a good censor.

I have lost interest in celebrity gossip. I really don’t care about Brad, Angelina, Octo-mom, or any of it, really. I’m just disinterested in other people’s lives. Makes radio and TV really boring lately. Seems like all people talk about is other people, how bad the economy is and facebook. I like facebook, but I’m really sick of hearing about it. And I’m sick of the economy, too. Yeah, things suck, stop rubbing it in. Say something positive already. I’m one to talk considering my recent blogs. I really like the video feature on facebook, though. It’s fun. I also love and I just stopped writing this to log on and take my mug shot for the day. I don’t usually smile. Mug shots aren’t for smiling. You can look me up on there under “krameballs”. I always make sure I don’t have a double chin though.

There are things that make me laugh lately that brighten my day with out notice. They are always little things. When I hear the Jack in th Box commercial and he says “Teriyaki Blows”. Makes me giggle. There’s a guy who sits by me at work and sometimes he answers the phone at work and says hullowp instead of hello. He doesn’t say it that way everytime but when he does I crack a smile. Then my other friend tried to take a picture of us the other night and she was holding the camera backwards. I didn’t really make that much fun of her, but it really was great. Sometimes when people do unique or funny things it makes them more endearing. Lately my dog likes to lay on the couch with her head laying off the edge. She’s never done this before and it looks really odd, like she’s dead. But it makes me smile becasue it’s so random.

People should be more random instead of so predictable. Maybe it would give us all more reasons to smile. Try doing the unexpected. Be nice when you want to be mean to someone who wronged you. Try fixing a problem for someone else instead of creating one for them. Give up your seat. Tip an extra $5. Smile at someone for no reason at all. Let the guy get in your lane even though he’s passing on the right. Give someone else the credit. Be the first to apologize. Call and say hi instead of text it. People are so predictable and I think if we were all a little bit more random we’d really surprize each other. Maybe it would catch on. People are generally good, no matter how weird we are, I just think that we get used to doing things a certain way.

I’m trying to think out side the box lately and make the best of my environments instead of settle into tough situations. Easier said than done. I wanted to share some random stuff about me with you in this blog so hopefully it might make you smile. But maybe it just makes you think I’m even more weird. Either way, it’s all true. And maybe I am weird. But I would prefer to be weird than to be the same as everyone else lately. What makes you weird? Maybe you love using your highlighter and you save movie ticket stubs. Feel free to share…..


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