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Anonymous blogging and phantom readers… February 10, 2009

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Do you ever have random questions that you wish you could have an immediate answer to? Or you have a question that you’d never DREAM of asking anyone face to face….or a secret?  Or maybe you aren’t sure what your question is but something is puzzling you.  Well, I find myself in all of those situations quite often and for solutions, I discovered “Yahoo Answers”.  Have you ever asked Yahoo Answers a question? You can ask whatever you want and not feel stupid. It’s amazing. AMAZING. Pretty much anything you could imagine asking is posted on there in some way or another and people just like you and I submit their answers based on experience or simply their opinions. You can even vote on answers and how well they answer the question being addressed. Technology is just insane these days. Everything seems completely accessible at all times. I think YahooAnswers is where you go when you can’t find your answer on Wikipedia. I’ve asked everything from “how to fix a leaky faucet” to serious questions that I wonder if anyone else in the world wonders the same things as me. I think the last thing I asked Yahoo Answers was “How do I save a facebook video to my hard drive?”.  

I have come to the firm conclusion that NO MATTER what you want to ask or what you are going through, there is someone out there in the world experiencing the EXACT same thing, no matter how obscure you think it is. Do you have chronic itchy ankles and ingrown toe nails? Well someone out there has the exact same problem. Need to know the secret codes to unlock songs in Guitar Hero? Well, there are a bunch of people on Yahoo Answers who will share their methods. Okay….you get the picture.

I was tooling around on Yahoo Answers about a year ago and I typed in a very obscure statement. Something that I had been wondering about for a long time and wanted to know if anyone else wondered the same thing.  “Tooling around” is such a funny expression. I’m a big fan of the word “tool” in general. It’s such a fun insult and I can’t help but giggle when I call someone a tool. So anyway, when I typed it in there were a few posted questions that popped up that were similar but not the same as mine. Then I found one that stated EXACTLY the words that I would have said myself. I mean, it was such a specific statement that as I read this post and was in amazement. It kinda creeped me out but I was intrigued. I proceeded to send this chick a message to see how in the hell she came up with the same exact scenario as me and we started emailing back and forth.  We seemed to have parallel lives in so many ways, but not typical ways. It’s not like we both worked in radio and both had a fat dog named Tayler….it was so much deeper than that. Because I didn’t really know ANYTHING about this girl, including her name, I was completely candid when I’d email her. No candy coating and no fear of looking stupid because it almost seemed fictitious. But it makes it so easy when you know they have the same exact thoughts or experiences.  It was completely mind boggling. Most people have a friend or boyfriend who they can relate to and share random stuff with.  I have couple friends who I share everything with but I really don’t ever reveal the depths of what is on my mind. And I’m really not that interesting anyway, I dwell on trivial things. But I’ve told this girl things I could never imagine telling anyone in “real life”. Weird, huh?

So I have a pen-pal. At least that’s what I call her even though I don’t use a pen to write her. I guess she’s an email-pal. We don’t email everyday or anything and there have been times we’ve gone months without communicating. I will never meet her or communicate in any other way other than the email and I kinda like the anonymity of it all. And while having an email-pal that I can chat about certain random things with is awesome, it doesn’t replace the friends that I have that I can spend time with, FEEL and look in the eye. And it can’t replace the friends that know ALL aspects of my life, not just minor things, but it really feels cool for this certain niche. I really think that God puts the right people in your life at the right time, whether or not you ever even get to actually meet them.

My myspace blogs are starting to feel anonymous and fictitious, too, because it doesn’t seem like anyone is on there anymore. Everyone’s on Facebook now. It’s like I’m blogging for imaginary people. LOL. Actually, I’m just blogging for myself but I think I’m a little more candid here now because I’m not thinking of who will read them.  Kinda feels good. Thanks to all you phantom blog readers, I’ll keep ’em coming whether you’re here or not.


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