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Some things I just don’t understand… November 29, 2008

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Why is there a salon inside JCPenny? First of all, by asking that I am admitting that I have recently shopped at JCPenny. It’s true. I needed a window treatment and the only place I found it was JCP. That’s my story and I’m stickin to it. The question remains…why a salon?! I find it confusing that people get their hair did at the same place they buy their curtains and their house slippers. To each his own, I guess….

Next question…why do people LOVE pain pills so much? I got a bunch of them when I had surgery and they didn’t really do much for me but make me drowsy. I still had pain so I only finished about 1/3 the bottle. Not to mention I get two refills on the prescription. The FIRST question some people asked me when I said I had a surgery was “Oooh, did you get good pain pills?”. Seriously.  Is being out of your mind THAT much fun? I enjoy a good buzz but I don’t need to get loopy. Like I said in my previous blog, my roommate had a bottle of wine waiting for me when I got home from surgery so I could chase my loritab with some vino. I never indulged but maybe I should. Don’t knock it ’til you try it, right?!

Okay, moving along. Why do some people think the iPhone is the end all-be all of gadgets? I DON’T GET IT! I am a gadget girl and I actually think the iPhone is pretty cool, so I’m not knocking it and there might come a time when I want to get one. Today is not that day. But my question is why do some people only see their perspective? It’s the whole mac vs. PC thing. There are so many more interesting and worth while things to argue about but some people are so obnoxiously passionate about their fricken choice of computer. Personally, I have a PC. I am not going to EVER shove my opinions on why I like my PC down someone’s throat. I understand that there are some great things about a mac that I would like but my PC does everything I need it to and more. Not to mention I don’t have the money to throw around and get the latest imac. But man, those mac lovers can tend to have a superiority complex…like their computer makes them smarter or something. Don’t get me wrong, not ALL mac users are that way and I’m sure there are plenty of PC owners who do their share of arguing/gloating. I just think that if I want to buy the new blackberry and you think it sucks compared to the iPhone then that’s cool, you shouldn’t buy it but don’t tell me that I shouldn’t buy it. I’m educated. I do my homework and research. Shut the hell up and go play video games on your iPhone, that’s why you got it. And more importantly, like I said before, there are more worth while things to argue about. And to that we say…to each his own. I still love you, iPhone users.

Why do we say things we don’t mean? Think about it. People say the most meaningful and important things and they are lying through their teeth. I’ve done it. Actually, I do it without even thinking about it probably. “No, you don’t look fat”, “I’m so glad you came”, “It’s nice to see you”, “I’m doing great, thanks for asking” and my personal favorite…”I will never lie to you”. Now, we say most of these things all the time without giving it a second thought. But how often to you tell someone you’re glad to see them when your eyes rolled the second you saw them walk in the room? I bet you’ve told your friend that they don’t look fat when they ask you and they really did look a little chubby. I would never say YES, YOU LOOK FAT. What an asshole I would be. But on the flip side I will NEVER offer up a compliment like “you look skinny” if I don’t mean it. EVER. If I compliment you out of my own volition, then it’s from the heart. And why do we tell people we will never lie to them? Sure, we may think we mean it but honestly, if we really care about that person enough to say we’ll never lie then we will probably lie to them just to save their feelings. I have friends who say that to me and I KNOW exactly what they lied about and when they did it. The littlest things…I never got your message…I really wish I could but I have to be somewhere…No, I’m not mad at you. I’ve said all of these things and you probably have too. It annoys me when other people do it and I annoy myself. But honestly it bugs me most from the people who make the effort to say they will never lie to me. Let’s just agree that there will be times that we lie to each other but we still love each other and those lies are just to keep the peace. Problem solved.

The last thing I will throw at you is this….why doesn’t Costco have a “singles section”? Costco is hands down my favorite place to shop, even more than Target. But I constantly put things in my cart and remove them 10 minutes later because after staring at the 2-pack of 36oz jars of peanut butter, I realize that I will never use that much peanut butter in a year. I’d be better off buying 1 jar of the reduced-fat Skippy that I like at the market for the same price. Less waste and less fat. J I think Costco should have a singles section where you can meet up with other people who live alone or are single that maybe just want one 36oz jar of PB and one gallon of milk. You could trade. Or maybe they could just sell single portions of their items and it might be a great place to meet people. If you’re both shopping in the “single serving section” you’re probably both single. Imagine how many love connections could happen at Costco! I could write a whole blog on my Costco theories but I will save that for another time. Maybe next time, actually.

So that’s what boggles my mind these days. There are definitely more important things to wonder about but my curiosity gets the best of me and I feel the need to let it all out. I commend you if you’ve read this far because as I look up at the page I’m realizing that I really went on and on. So I will just tell you this…I would never lie to you, it’s really nice to see you and you definitely don’t look the least bit fat today. Goodbye.


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